Join The Fitzy Shades MedSpa Membership Program


Joining the Fitzy Shades MedSpa Membership program gives you access to exclusive discounts and specials offers throughout the year.  We have 3 affordable levels of membership to choose from.  Each comes with it’s own set of perks to help you save on our most popular products and services whenever you need to.  

Clients love the Fitzy Membership Program because of its: 


You can access all the benefits of a Fitzy membership with one annual payment. 


You aren’t tied to specific services.  Our program allows you to save on the services YOU CHOOSE! 


When you are in our membership program, you get exclusive access to our invitational only events.  Plus, you’ll be the first to know about new products and services.  

Fitzy Gold


  • 15% off Services (excludes injectables)
  • 10% off Products
  • 5% off Injectables
  • Extra 5% off services during birthday month (includes injectables)
  • Access to Exclusive Events
  • Membership Gift Package + Product Samples

Fitzy Silver


  • 10% off Services (excludes injectables)
  • 5% off Products
  • Extra 5% off services during birthday month (includes injectables)
  • Invitation to Exclusive Events



Fitzy Fan


Exclusively for our youngest guests (18 years old or younger)

  • 20% off Services (excludes injectables & PMU)
  • 10% off Products
  • Extra 5% off during birthday month (excludes injectables)

To join our Membership Program, complete this form and a member from our team will be in touch to process your enrollment.  

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Membership Program FAQs 

Can I cancel at any time?

Membership fees are non-refundable.  Once you pay for a year, you can use your benefits for the entire year.  If you decide the program is not right for you, you can choose not to renew when your year is up.   

Can I upgrade or downgrade to other programs?

You can make changes to your membership plan on an annual basis.  

How do I know which program is right for me?

The Gold Program gives you discounted access to everything we offer.  So, we always suggest the Gold Program for individuals really looking to take their cosmetic services to the next level.  That said, if you’re trying to decide between the two levels available, the main reason many guests pick our Gold Program is for its cosmetic injection benefits.  Our Gold Program offers a 5% discount on injections throughout the course of your membership. Our Silver Program only offers a discount on them during your birthday month.  So, if you plan to visit us for injections more than once a year, the Gold Program would likely be the best fit.  The other big difference is in product purchases.  If you are a person that regularly buys high quality skin care, the Gold Program provides the best discount on product purchases.   

Can I gift an annual membership to someone?

Absolutely!  If you have someone in your life that enjoys looking and feeling their best, a membership is a great gift to help them save on services all year.